What to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up on Fertility

When you have put all of your time and energy into conceiving, month after month of negative pregnancy tests can feel incredibly disheartening and disappointing. After all the time, money, and possibly, fertility treatments you’ve been through can make it difficult to even consider giving up on trying to conceive.

Perhaps you feel that it is time for you to give up on your dream of having a child naturally. After so much time spent struggling, you think it might not be worth it anymore to continue to fight. However, you might just need a change in mindset. Here are a few ways to move forward when you feel like giving up on fertility.


Take a Break

While it can feel easier to just give up entirely, it may be more beneficial to take time off from seriously trying to conceive. Taking a step back can help restore you both physically, mentally, and emotionally. The continual work it can take to get pregnant when you struggle with fertility can be draining. A small vacation can help you and your partner to reset and replenish your energy before trying again. Here’s how you can take care of yourself while you’re taking a break from trying to conceive.


Remember Why You Started This Journey

After so much time spent in doctor’s offices and money spent on treatments, it can be beneficial to take a moment to remember exactly why you embarked on this mission in the first place. Imagining the joy you would feel when you found out you were pregnant or the pride as you looked upon your newborn baby might reinstill some of that drive you felt originally. If none of this fills you with joy but instead makes you anxious or unhappy, it might be time to reconsider your goals.


Realize That Infertility Isn’t an Indicator of Personal Value

While not being able to conceive can feel disappointing, it does not indicate a person of less value. Know that you are not alone in your feelings of inadequacy. Having a baby doesn’t make you a woman and not having a baby doesn’t make you less of one. Fertility is a beautiful thing but infertility doesn’t have to be a curse. There are other options for couples who are unable to have a child naturally.


Consider Other Options

When conceiving naturally just isn’t a viable option, it may be time to consider other ways to have a child. Adoption is an incredibly selfless way of fulfilling your dreams of having a child while giving a child a home and family who otherwise might not have one. Looking into adoption could be a positive option for you and your partner.


It can be difficult to continue the tests and treatments when they’re just not succeeding. Take some time to consider your options before giving up the fight.

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