Making Fertility Treatments More Affordable

It can be really scary to have to face medical bills after a big procedure or even a small doctor’s visit. An important question to consider is, “how much of this will I be responsible for paying out of my own pocket?” This can help you to be realistic about your choices and whether you want to move forward with the fertility treatments.

While it would be great for everyone to be able to afford all the medical procedures and treatments they want, it’s just not the reality. Here are some tips for managing the costs of fertility treatments and the subsequent medications.

1 Educate Yourself

Brush up on your knowledge of what happens throughout the process of fertility treatments. Ask your doctor any question that pops into your head, no matter how silly you might think it is. Understanding the steps, what each will do for you, what medications you may need, and knowing how much each will cost could help you determine which will benefit you the most. This will help you spend your money in a savvy way rather than trying every single procedure and fertility treatment you can.

2 Call Your Insurance Company

Before you undergo any treatments, it’s important to contact your insurance company. Having a discussion with your insurance company to find out what medicines and treatments are covered and what brands are preferred by the company could help you save big bucks over the course of your fertility journey. Once you have this information, it can help you pick and choose what treatments you receive and even help shape the recommendations given to you by your doctor. This can prevent you from getting hit with giant medical bills after the fact.

3 Ask About Special Programs

Many clinics and hospitals offer special financing programs to help their patients afford the often pricey diagnosis, treatment, and associated medications. Resolve has put together a list of financial assistance programs that are available to help you minimize the cost of these treatments.

There is also a slew of nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping people get the money they need to begin infertility treatments. These organizations offer grants and scholarships for select individuals to give them that extra push towards their financial goals. While many of the grants have an application fee, if you are chosen, you could receive upwards of $10,000 to cover your medical costs. See a list of available grant programs here.

The price barrier shouldn’t keep you from starting the family you have always dreamed of. Understanding the treatments could prevent you from choosing a treatment that you don’t need and knowing what treatments are covered by your insurance will help your doctor provide reasonable recommendations.

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