Meet Lauren & Nick

After trying to conceive for two years, Lauren and Nick began to wonder if they were facing fertility issues. One evening they saw the Stork OTC at their local CVS Pharmacy in the family planning aisle. After using The Stork OTC during a cycle, they found out they were PREGNANT! At their first appointment, they discovered they were pregnant with twins!

Their beautiful twin girls were born November 2015, and are about to celebrate their first birthday!


Lauren and Nick Success Story
Lauren and Nick Success Story
Lauren and Nick Success Story
Lauren and Nick Success Story

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Stork OTC Success Stories and Reviews

Introducing the Latest New Additions!

"Thank you so much for giving us hope and believing that conceiving doesn't have to be as stressful as its made out to be and that its possible without the financial stress of what we thought were our only options. Attached is a picture of our sweet girl."

– Rebeca & Kevin
Rebeca and Kevin Child

"<3 yaay congrats I'm due august 25 thanks to the Stork, it's the best"

– Yaya Turner

"I wanted to send my sincere thanks to the entire Stork OTC company. My husband and I had some initial challenges trying to conceive and found Stork on a whim. We decided to try it out, and then every month for about 6 months used Stork three times (thank you, ovulation predictors!). Finally, we got a "Pregnant" on a digital pregnancy test, and we're over the moon. Sadly, we found out that the pregnancy wasn't viable, and after a month of trying to determine if it was a miscarriage or ectopic, filled with doctors visits, a shot of methotrexate, and an eventual surgery, we were heart broken.  During the three months we had to wait between the methotrexate shot and being allowed to start trying again, I found out that despite my doctor trying to save the tube, it became blocked as a result of scar tissue from my surgery, reducing our chances of getting pregnant. Finally in August, we were given the green light to try again, and thought that it would take us at least 6 months to a year to get pregnant like the first time (had even planned on it), but surprise, surprise, we got a positive test in September--thanks to Stork!  Although the first pregnancy wasn't viable, within less than a year (only about 7 months of trying), we got pregnant with Stork OTC twice. We could not be more thankful.

As we get ready to celebrate the new year - the year that we welcome our little boy to our family - I just wanted to say thank you and to wish everyone at Stork OTC a happy holiday!"

– US

“I just wanted to thank you, after 18 months of infertility we used your product & will now be expecting our second child! It saved us from taking infertility treatment which would have been our next step. Good job making a great product :)”

– US
"Thank you so much!! The Stork OTC worked the first time for me!! I'm so thankful for you and your wonderful team at Rinovum and for inventing this amazing product!! Here's my Story: The Stork OTC is amazing and worked the very first time I used it! Me and my boyfriend wanted to have our first kid together and we were trying for couple months and I knew something wasn't happening. My boyfriend needed extra help with his low sperm count because of a accident that happened​ years ago. So I was searching the internet and on my Ovia app and they suggested I try the Stork OTC! Which they sell at CVS pharmacy! I tried it and it worked the first time we used it! It was like magic and unforgettable."
R.T., – California
" We were trying to conceive for some time and decided to try using the stork after also receiving care from a doctor. It was after our second try that we conceived our daughter whom is 7 months old now. We are ever so grateful to the stork for helping make our dreams come true! The actual use of the product is easy to follow, I would advise following the instructions specifically listed. Best wishes to all!"
B and D, – Texas

“Got a Positive”

“My partner and I were trying for 14 months and were definitely becoming frustrated. I was tested and everything looked perfect for me, although my uterus is a little tilted back. My partner went to a urologist and everything looked good except for the motility being a little slow, not slow enough for meds or any medical intervention so we kept trying naturally. We did both start acupuncture for the last three to four months before conceiving once a week and I started him on some supplements, as I already was taking prenatals and other supplements. Tried the stork month 15, first time and finally we got our positive test and I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant! I am a believer now, a great product to use at home in your own comfort zone.”
“I just wanted to thank you guys for having such a wonderful product me, and my wife had been trying to conceive for months we used your product once on April 2, 2017, and on April 20,2017 we had a positive pregnancy test.”
J.L., – Pennsylvania
“My husband and I have a daughter together. It took us 18 months to conceive her do to male factor infertility, specifically, low semen volume. When we decided to try for our second child together, we knew it might take some time. We were nearing our 2nd year mark of trying. We paid out of pocket for 3 IUI's that didn't work. I saw The Stork OTC in my local drugstore and was intrigued. I didn't purchase it right away, I went home and did some research online. I decided I didn't have anything to lose, and this was way less expensive than another failed IUI, so I went back to the store a few days later and purchased the Stork. It was a little awkward to use, yes, but all in all much less awkward than the experience of the IUI! And we were thrilled to learn that our first month of trying the Stork worked! We found out we were pregnant in February, and our due date was the same due date we had with out daughter, 5 years later! In November 2015, our son completed our family, and I truly believe that we owe our success to The Stork.”
L.E, – North Dakota
“My wife and I tried this for the first time after two failed IUI's ($3000 each try, plus the cost of fertility meds). 9 days after using the Stork OTC at home and now I am pregnant! This product saved us tons of money, but it also allowed us to conceive our baby in the privacy is our home, which we were are so thankful for! Since it's OTC and didn't involve multiple doctors appointments, I was able to conceive with fertility meds. We use the Stork OTC twice (12 hours apart) during my most fertile window. The process was so easy and painless! I cannot”

Introducing Baby Kingsley.

Stork OTC Baby Kingsley

Not a Sure Thing, But it Does Work!

“We got a positive pregnancy test after one year of ttc with our first child the very first time we used the stork! We have been ttc for our second child now for 8 months and have yet to be successful. We have used the stork a few months, but to be completely fair my cycles have been irregular, making it hard to tell which exact day to use the stork on. We will continue trying and plan on using the stork again next month! Regardless of what happens this product and this company are amazing! One month they even surprised us with a high-quality ovulation text that they shipped urgently along with a kind note. Words can't express how grateful we were for such a kind and generous gesture. It means everything to know that they care and are encouraging us along this journey to build our family.”

Used with IUI – We are Pregnant!

“We have been trying to conceive for 5 years. About 4 years into trying we sought medical help. While waiting approval to go ahead with IUI's I came across The Stork online. It just so happened that the stork arrived about the same time we were set up for our second IUI. We decided to try the IUI again and use the stork to boost our chances with intercourse the evening of the IUI. Not sure which one worked, but we finally got a positive pregnancy test that cycle!!! It was so nice to have a less expensive option available!!! The stork was fairly easy to use, but like other reviews the condom that came with was too small and very thick. We were unable to have intercourse with it in place, so my husband ejaculated into the tip of it and then we placed it in the stork like the directions state. It was an awkward experience, but nothing a little humor can't fix :)”

Pregnant At Last!

“The STORK really works! My husband and I were trying to conceive for 15 months and only after using the STORK twice (within the same month) did we get pregnant!! It was really unbelievable! Thank you so much for creating this effective tool! We are forever thankful!”

Positive Test Result!

“We purchased this product after trying for almost a year. We got a positive test after using only one of the devices the first time.”

Positive Test Result, Finally!

“After all the time I've tried to have a baby I thought I'd never become a mother. After three short tries with the stork otc, my partner and I are expecting our first baby. We're he first LGBT couple to conceive in our town! Thanks to this amazing product!”


“My husband and I have been trying for over four years to concieve. I have timed my ovulation every month for four years and nothing. Then I decided to use the stork and on the first try I got a BFP. I am currently 4 weeks, 4 days. I can't be anymore happier. If you are ttc, give it a try.. good luck.”
“I love the Stork. My fiancé and I tried it and we got pregnant the first time. Thank you guys so much!”
“I didn't know what to except from the Stork when I first purchased it. It was very well explained and pretty straight forward to use. My husband had a vasectomy reversal 6 years ago and I had suffered a miscarriage; we had been struggling to get pregnant ever since. All the tests indicated that I was fine but we discovered that my husband’s sperm was producing antibodies due to the vasectomy reversal, which was affecting the sperm getting to where they needed to be. I purchased the Stork a few weeks ago and I started ovulation testing at day 10 in my cycle. We used the Stork on day 12 and today I found out I am expecting. It's early days and we are just taking each day as it comes but it proves that the Stork does actually work.”
Emmy Pregnancy Test
Emmy Pregnancy Test
"IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had been TTC for nearly a year, when I decided we should go in for fertility testing earlier than the recommended year (I am 29 & my hubby is 30), because I just had a suspicion that something may be wrong, & didn't want to waste any valuable time. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism & put on levothyroxine & had to get an MMR vaccine booster & we would need to put TTC on hold for a month after that to prevent miscarriage & birth defects, but otherwise I was deemed normal. My hubby, however was told that his 17 million/mL sperm count was not the 20 million/mL minimum required for any chance at all of natural conception, & that our only option was IUI for $1,800 out of pocket cost per cycle! There was no way we had the money for that :(! When we told the fertility doctor we couldn't afford the treatment, he basically dismissed us, like we were not worth his time unless we could pay the big bucks! At first I freaked out trying to find grant programs for funding, but they mostly only help couples in more dire straits who (according to traditional medical doctors) need IVF/ICSI. Then hubby told me "why don't we just pray & let God take care of this!?" Next I looked into at-home IUI supplies, but soon read research that points to the high risk of infection & injury from unwashed sperm still in the semen injected directly into the uterus :(! Then: after watching YouTube videos stating that cervical cap insemination has just as high a success rate as professional IUI, I looked back at something I had briefly read about in my fertility apps early on in TTC: The Stork OTC :)! This website also stated similar odds to IUI. I ordered 2 s for about $112 (with Glow Fertility online coupon) just in time for my September fertile window & a bunch of OPKs (Clearblue Digital Advanced, First Response, & Answer). (We used my Diva menstrual cup to hold the sperm on my cervix while waiting for the Stork OTC to arrive as sort of a 'tide us over' type of thing). We had sex every other day as advised for low sperm count. The s arrived just in time, a few days before I ended up ovulating :)! They were fairly easy to use (except for the difficulty getting those thick stiff condoms on hubby; ouch :(! But we hoped the momentary discomfort would be worth it!). I fully expected for us to need to use these for at least another additional cycle or more to have a chance of conceiving without IUI. But low & behold!: less than 2 weeks later I got my first of 5 positive home urine pregnancy tests :)!!!!!!!! IT REALLY WORKED :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please: anyone out there who has been told they will need expensive IUI to have any chance of conception (or even IVF really), TRY THE Stork OTC (with OPKs or ovulation tracking bracelet) FIRST!!!! You may be surprised at how quickly this miracle can happen! Thank you God for the blessing of our Stork baby/babies :)! We are over the moon with grateful happiness! Joyfully: Emily & Sean Scott"
Emmy Scott, – Georgetown, DE
“My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3 years with the help of an RE, after undergoing lots of treatments and tests we fell into the "unexplained" category along with a low sperm morphology count. National Infertility Awareness Week I reached out to review the Stork because I had been reading about it and was intrigued to see maybe if it would work for us and it is definitely more cost efficient. We were averaging $700 a month for IUI and injectable medication versus $80-90 at the store… Afterwards, we said our prayers and hoped this might work for us. On 10 DPO we received a super duper faint positive and I almost thought I was just seeing stuff. The next morning I tested again and saw a faint line and took a digital which said “YES” best word I could have ever seen. I am without a doubt certain the Stork OTC helped us in our long 3 year journey! We went to the dr today and saw our baby via ultrasound and just lost it for that we are both forever grateful and thankful to the Stork for helping us in our journey!!”

UPDATE: Baby Due 2017

"BFP 1st try after 3.5 years! I wish I would have known about this product 3 and a half years ago. We spent so much money and time and stress on a fertility dr and 3 IUIs. We did eventually get pregnant after 3 years, but had stopped going to the fertility a year prior to getting pregnant. Unfortunately we miscarried our first baby.
We tried for the next 7 months to no avail. I then discovered the stork, so I gave it a try. The first time it worked perfectly, the second one we did malfunctioned but that's because I didn't push the correct button before pulling it out. ..make sure you follow instructions!! 2 weeks later, I have my BFP! So long story short, try this product! It works! Just be sure you follow the instructions exactly so it works correctly."
Jen222, – PA, US
"I bought this because the fertility tracking app Ovia suggested it and I was all out of ideas after trying to get pregnant after almost a year. I was skeptical because nothing worked before. But this product in conjunction with perfect timing using my Ovia app I used it and ended up pregnant! I bought and used two just to be sure! And it worked!!!"
Jocelyn, – Lexington Park, MD
"We got pregnant. My wife and I lost our first baby due to complications after 9 months of trying. After a second try and 6 months we tried the stork and she got pregnant. … The stork itself was pretty neat. It worked no problem for us… People complain about it being a single use product. I’m sure the company has to make it single use for safety and sterilization reasons. The $80 per use is still cheaper than a fertility clinic. Which we were going to this morning after a 2-month wait, but then we took a last minute test and found out we were pregnant…"
Ryan T.
"It worked! 9 weeks pregnant! Used four of the Stork OTC devices over four months. Words can't describe how grateful I am to have found this."
Proud1stMama, – Lawrence, KS
“Got pregnant the first time using after trying for over a year. I definitely recommend….worked very easily for me and my husband.”
“My wife and I got married while I was in the Army and between my deployments and careers we ended up waiting until our we were almost 40 to try to start a family. We both had a lot of concerns about our ability to conceive but fortunately the Stork was available. We were able to use it in the privacy of our own home and after only two tries, we conceived. We’re 6 months along now and we couldn’t be happier!” UPDATE: Baby Boy Winter 2014
A.K.Z, – USA
“Just like to say a massive thanks, my wife and I have been trying for a baby for just under three years, as we already have a child the fertility clinic we attended could do all the tests but treatment wasn’t available for us. My wife purchased your product last month and we are now expecting our 2nd baby. Superb product thank you very much!”
Paul, – UK
“We got pregnant right away and had no problems at all with The Stork! I will say I felt it inside me (unlike a tampon) and was nervous I had messed up somehow, but we’re pregnant! This was our first try and we can’t believe it. We did combine The Stork with ovulation tests, Vitex, Mucinex, and evening primrose oil. (Of course, talk to your doctor first.) Zero complaints about this product!” UPDATE: Twin Girls Born 2015
Lauren K., – US
Dr. Hoffman
“The Stork OTC is a really easy step for couples to utilize between intercourse and more aggressive treatments before they see a specialist…”
Dr. David I. Hoffman, M.D.
Dr. Goldfarb
“The Stork is an innovative tool that will certainly be of interest to patients who are in the early stages of fertility issues. The Stork has the advantage of being able to be used at home. Thus patients do not have to have the inconvenience of being seen in the doctor’s office.”
Dr. James M. Goldfarb, M.D. M.B.A.