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Possible Story Angles

The Stork® OTC is big news for the 1 in 6 couples struggling to conceive a child. Our Media Center provides background, images, releases and more. Contact Stephen Bollinger for details on story angles such as:

  • Delivering the Goods: Getting Smart About Getting Pregnant — Couples having difficulty conceiving with intercourse alone have an unprecedented at-home opportunity to optimize chances of conception (whether to overcome fertility issues or to time their pregnancy). This can be seen as part of an emerging trend (perhaps “Masters of Conception”?) from the wealth of practical knowledge available, to monitoring ovulation/timing to The Stork OTC--the only FDA-cleared home-use OTC conception aid that delivers more sperm to the cervix.rm to the cervix.
  • Men and Infertility — Fertility issues arise as frequently with men as with women—in fact, 40% each! The Stork OTC is proven to deliver more sperm to the cervix and is recommended for some of the most common fertility issues, including low sperm count and low sperm motility. For many men facing the physical and emotional aspects of male infertility, The Stork OTC can "deliver the goods."
  • Assists Conception Without Intercourse — The Stork OTC is a useful conception aid for LGBT couples, individuals with certain disabilities and single women. When donor sperm and surrogates are part of the conversation, The Stork OTC offers an option for taking action, at home, now.
  • Keeping Costs Simple—Only FDA Cleared, OTC At-Home Conception Device — In an age when reproductive treatment options are largely high-cost and complex, The Stork OTC offers an elegantly simple way to optimize chances for conception, in the privacy of home, and a price point ($59.99/single-use device) that is far less costly than invasive procedures such as IUI, IVF, etc.--procedures often not covered by insurance, and that many simply cannot afford, yet need. The rising costs of healthcare and the lifestyle trends of couples today, have created a new market for over-the-counter alternative options for reproductive health, such as the Stork OTC. Cervical cap insemination has a recorded success rate of around 20%, which is comparable to IUI, at a fraction of the cost.
  • When Biological Clocks Start Ticking... — It may come as a shock that infertility impacts 1 in 6 couples, and a woman's fertility declines rapidly every year after age 30. An infertility diagnosis comes after 12 months of unprotected sex for women under 35; six months for women 35 and older. The Stork OTC is an option couples can try this month, whether they are just starting or have been actively trying to conceive for longer; every cycle counts.