Our Success Stories

“After a successful IUI cycle, I conceived our first daughter. When we were ready to try for our second child, I was devastated to find out that my insurance no longer covered infertility treatments. My husband did a lot of research and found The Stork. We ordered three of them and tracked my ovulation. After using The Stork on my three most fertile days, we were thrilled to find out we were pregnant! I will forever be grateful for this product, and I would recommend it to anyone trying to conceive”
Lindsey, – California
annalizgo stork otc
"Pregnant after first time using!! We are a lesbian couple and wanted to get pregnant without spending lots of money and in the comfort of our own space. We now have a happy healthy baby boy and we only had to try once with the stork! Amazing product!"
annalizgo, – Arkansas, US
"Positive pregnancy test after 18 months of trying. After trying for 18 months for baby #2 I nearly lost hope. I bought this with the assumption it may not work. It did and I got a BFP!! I am so happy and can't wait for the first Dr. Appt. Thank you Stork!!'"
Cricket, – Roseville, CA
2momcrew Stork OTC
"Positive Pregnancy Test & Great Pregnancy Journey! My wife & I decided to inseminate at home, and this was JUST the device we were looking for! It came with hassle-free instructions, and was very easy to use. It only took us two months of trying to conceive at home and we got our positive pregnancy test! We plan on trying again about a year and a half after our little boy gets here (being induced tomorrow), and we will DEFINITELY be using The Stork again! We would recommend this to anyone trying to conceive and looking for a mess-free, hassle-free, and successful experience :)"
2MomCrew, – Los Angeles, CA
"My wife and I tried using the Stork for the first time March 8th. We are now 2 months away from meeting our son. Thank you guys!!!!"
Facebook User
“My husband and I have been trying to conceive for nearly two years. He has a low sperm count which has contributed to the problem. This month we used The Stork along with Premama Fertility Drink and FertiliTea and at 11 DPO we have tested positive… I recommend The Stork. I don't think I'd have that HPT Positive without it.”
Cassidy, – US
“Good, much cheaper than IVF! I still can’t believe it happened. Me and my husband got pregnant from the first use. We’ve been trying to conceive for almost a year and the miracle happened right after we used the Stork OTC… I would recommend it to anyone TTC.”
Nicoleta, – Amazon Review, US
“IT WORKS!!!! My husband wanted to give this a try. We had called it break time from the infertility Dr., due to the stress and the money. I had a IUI in the office and it didn't work, so this is pretty much an at home IUI. And much to our surprise we were pregnant! Now we only used it once during my 4 days of fertility. But we used it on the peak day. We also used Clear Blue Easy Ovulation to determine our fertile days. So we are unsure if it was "THE STORK" or it was just us, but considering we have been dealing with pregnancy losses and going to a fertility dr. and it happened the first time we used it I believe that is what did it! I am now 10 weeks pregnant and everything is going great!! I would definitely give this product a try.”
CVS Reviewer, – CA
"Worked the first time! My husband and I had tried to conceive for five years. I have had multiple surgeries after being injured in Iraq and exposed to chemicals over there during my deployment. We had tested my husbands sperm so we knew the problem was with me. It looked like I was most likely infertile. However, after being clear of my surgeries and medications for about sixmonths and adopting a healthy lifestyle which included juicing vegetables every day, we tried the stork. I had been tracking my ovulation with test s for only about two months and we got pregnant on the very first try with the stork. Make sure you really read the instructions carefully. We broke one trying to get it to release the cup and had to run out and buy one again the next day. At $80 that was an expensive mistake! We really couldn't believe it worked! We were beginning to anticipate the long road and high costs of fertility treatments and IVF, and if it would be worth the stress and disappointments. Bought the stork on a whim while passing through 've and it changed our life."
RetiredArmyNewMom, – Atlanta, GA
"5 weeks pregnant! My husband and I had been trying for 8 months without success and decided to try the Stork OTC out of curiosity. We used it once during my fertile window and on the day I got peak fertility from an ovulation test. Got a positive pregnancy test two days before my missed period and couldn't have been more shocked!"
Mel189, – US
"Positive after 3 yrs fertility treatments. Saw a fertility doctor for 3 years with fertility medicines and everything. Never got pregnant. Used the stork, first time, no medicine and no doctors, POSITIVE PREGNANCY test!"
Kayhod, – Jackson, MS
“I bought this product back in March after 5 months of trying to conceive and the first time was a bust because we didn’t read the directions. Then purchased it again in April, followed directions. (Tracked my ovulation and used it on my “peak” day.) and got pregnant that month. Currently 30 weeks pregnant with my little girl due end of December :)” UPDATE: Baby Girl Born Dec. 2015
Lulu, – Amazon Review, US