The Stork is the prescription device cleared by the FDA in September 2012. The Stork OTC is the FDA-cleared (July 2014) over-the-counter device now available to purchase nationwide at select retailers.

Healthcare Providers can still write a prescription for The Stork and give the prescription directly to the patient to submit, or submit the prescription to Rinovum on behalf of the patient.

  • Rx: The Stork
  • Directions: Use as directed
  • Refills: (Suggested use is 3 to 6 months)

We currently accept prescriptions through our secure prescriptions email, our secure fax number, and/or mail.

Email: Prescriptions@rinovum.com

Fax: 724-390-0047

Mailing Address: 300 Oxford Drive, Suite 330, Monroeville, PA 15146

The patient will then complete the purchase by placing an order with customer service for The Stork.  Rinovum will verify patient prescriptions daily for all orders received. The product will ship directly to the patient, after prescription verification, at the address supplied in the order.

Billing information for Healthcare Providers

The Stork can be coded under: • 21 CFR Part 884.5250 Cervical Cap