The Stork® OTC Difference

When you hear the term “cervical cap,” you might immediately think of contraception. The first rubber version of the cap was developed by a German gynecologist in 1838, and it has since helped many women avoid getting pregnant. But did you know a version of a cervical cap can also help women and couples who are trying to conceive? Yep -- it's The Stork® OTC.

Cervical cap insemination has been popular for decades and is a relatively simple way for couples who seek a private way to try it on their own at home as an aid to conception. The only problem? Well, it can be a tricky process to take on without the proper “tools”.

Below, you'll learn more about what makes The Stork® OTC so amazing (if we do say so ourselves).

How does cervical cap insemination work?

As you might imagine, it can get pretty messy to fill a cervical cap with semen and insert it into the body. And generally inserting it isn’t enough: the cap must pass through the vagina to rest against the cervix. Without any sort of tube or applicator, this process could easily result in spillage (general loss of semen), thereby making the insertion process more or less useless.

Even more importantly, the less trauma introduced to the vaginal tract, the less the body reacts to the foreign material or semen.  Using your hand for placement can increase the trauma to the vaginal tract. The smoother the transition to placing the cap, the better your body will allow the sperm to make it to the cervix and beyond.

This awkward process is exactly what the Stork® OTC helps to smooth out. Not only does our device offer a unique cervical cap for your personal use as part of the conception device, but it also introduces an applicator into the equation. The innovative approach of the applicator utilizes the already-familiar act of using a tampon, and helps position a cap filled with semen directly beside the cervix - allowing women to take control over their fertility and conception efforts.

How the Stork® OTC applicator works

Before a couple can use the applicator at all, they must first engage in natural intercourse, or manual stimulation to collect with the Conceptacle in place in order to collect the ejaculated semen. Once the Conceptacle is removed and the sperm is held in the cervical cap (as demonstrated in this video here!), it’s time to incorporate the applicator.

The Stork® OTC applicator is a slender curved device designed to gently enter the body while compressing the cap and sealing the semen in the cap. It has a special cap holder that the cervical cap clicks into once the semen has been collected. Once these pieces have been engaged, the device is ready for insertion. It’s a simple process that really has never been taken advantage of in the home before - which is what makes our product so revolutionary!

When using the applicator, the woman must first relax into a supine position and then introduce the applicator into her vaginal canal. Once the cap touches the cervix, she simply releases the cap with the help of the device’s plunger and - amazingly! - she is all finished.

Why is The Stork® OTC so special?

Unlike other methods, there is no need to be fitted for a cap and no need to transfer semen into it once you have it. The cap holder and cap stay in place for up to six hours, allowing the sperm to naturally do their job of moving through the cervix and towards the Fallopian Tubes for fertilization.

What also makes the applicator so helpful, is the fact it also attached a removal string to the cap.  The bottom line, after six hours, you can easily grab the string and remove the cap like a tampon.  This continues to support not traumatizing the vaginal tract during the conception process.

When trying for a baby, most couples want to be as comfortable as possible. In addition to providing a conception device that can be used at home, the Stork® OTC also incorporates an applicator that takes the messy work out of the process.

Now, with the latest results from a study showing theStork® OTC’s success rate at getting more sperm to the cervix compared to natural intercourse, there’s even more of a reason to give the device a chance. We hope to be part of your journey to conception!

Looking for a more affordable fertility option? Cervical cap insemination puts the sperm at the opening of the cervix, as close as possible, to swim up through to an egg, optimizing your chances of becoming pregnant. Learn more about The Stork OTC