Gifts for Couples Trying to Conceive

The holiday season can feel especially bittersweet for couples trying to conceive. The joyful time can be tainted by the disappointment of failed fertility treatments, especially when your family is full of children.

Be considerate of your relatives who may be trying to conceive this holiday season. Brighten their day with some of these easy holiday gift ideas.


A Gift Card

Fertility treatments can be very expensive - Every doctor’s visit, scan, bloodwork, round of treatment and pregnancy test costs money! A Visa gift card loaded up with cash is the perfect way to treat the aspiring parents to a nice night out on the town, or a little bit extra towards treatments.


A Night Out

Gift the couple a romantic night out whether it be to their favorite restaurant or a hotel. A relaxing night out can help to release the stress many couples experience when TTC. One day of not thinking about trying to conceive could help to reset their mentality and replenish their tanks.


A Spa Package

Speaking of a night out, trying to conceive can be incredibly stressful for couples. The mounting pressure from family members combined with the disappointment of failed fertility treatments can cause stress to build up. Gift the couple with a day of relaxation! A gift card to a local spa can help get the couple out of their heads and into a state of zen.



The easiest gift you can give to a couple trying to conceive is your love and support. Something as simple as a handwritten note to the couple letting them know that you stand with them no matter the outcome can lift their spirits immeasurably. Trying to conceive can feel incredibly isolating so this gesture could end up being the most measurable.


The Stork OTC

Consider the gift of a conception aid this holiday season! The Stork OTC allows couples who have struggled with getting pregnant a chance to try to conceive from the comfort of their own home. Cervical cap insemination has up to a 20% success rate.


Gifts to Avoid

While there are tons of excellent gifts for couples trying to conceive, there are a few that should be avoided at all times and may even be considered rude. These gifts include:

  • Pregnancy gifts “for the future” - some couples may not ever conceive and these can serve as a painful reminder.
  • Self-help books - Chances are that these couples are already trying to help themselves.
  • Gifts geared toward infertility - It might feel natural to commiserate but it can actually be damaging to the couple.
  • Gifts aimed at grieving mothers - Instead of reminding the couple of their struggle, it might be better to distract them.


The holiday season can be especially difficult for couples trying to conceive. Instead of reminding them of their fertility journey, try to bring them some joy. Learn more about the Stork OTC and what it can do for couples trying to start a family by signing up for our newsletter.


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