Talking To Your Partner About Fertility Issues

Whether you’re in a long term relationship or just casually dating, discussing fertility can be a difficult subject to broach with a partner. Learning about your significant other’s sexual history, reproductive preferences, and plans for family planning can be a strenuous topic. Having a baby should be an exciting time in a couple’s lives, but dealing with the stress of infertility together can result in a trying time. Nearly one-fourth of women surveyed by Healthy Women reported that infertility negatively affected their relationship.

Bringing It Up

It probably feels like there’s never a right time to bring up the topic of infertility.. However, the best time is when you feel comfortable discussing it. There is no point in talking about a serious dilemma if you or your partner aren’t ready to tackle the problem together.

Avoid Blaming

It’s important when laying out the problem that you don’t place blame. Infertility, while a frustrating situation, is not anyone’s fault. It’s important to understand that you are both in this process together. It’s also necessary to remember why you got into this situation together, why you love each other, and why you want to have a child together. Remembering this will help you push through these tough times to the other side.

Focus On Your Relationship

Keep in mind that before you and your partner began this journey, it was just the two of you. Take time out of your family planning to get back to those basics. Schedule dates where neither of you talk about having children. It can help to relieve some of the stress of all of the doctor’s visits and fertility treatments.

Consider taking a month off from trying to conceive. Having a solid block of time where you’re not trying to conceive can reduce stress considerably. Spend time getting active together, which is also a good reliever of stress. Go for a run, try out rock climbing, or just go for a hike. Getting your endorphins pumping together could help boost your mood and take some of the pressure off your mind for a while.

Sitting down to have this conversation with your partner might seem difficult, but if the two of you approach this with an open mind and an understanding attitude, there won’t be anything to worry about. To learn more about pregnancy and conception or to find out about your conception options subscribe to our newsletter below.


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