The Evolution of The Stork® OTC product

stork-evolutionThe Evolution of The Stork® OTC product.


“Necessity…the mother of invention.”  - Plato, dialogue in the Republic, 380 BC

The meaning of this phrase that hard times/situations can drive or inspire clever inventions/solutions can be used to explain why The Stork OTC was created. Let’s look at some infertility facts for the US.

  • In the United States, 1 in 6 couples deal with infertility.
    • Our fertility rates are at an all-time low.
  • Treatments for infertility such as IVF and IUI are very costly. The average cost for just one cycle of IVF is $12,400.[2]
  • For those struggling to conceive, their options for financial assistance are limited.
    • Only about 5% of couples with infertility seek IVF out.[3]

Did you know that like many treatment options there is no guarantee that IVF will work the first cycle? In addition, the treatments can be invasive and stressful. What are alternative options for those trying to conceive?

The founder and CEO of Rinovum® Women’s Health, Stephen Bollinger, is no stranger in dealing with infertility. In the late 80’s Steve and his wife struggled to conceive enduring many challenges on their pathway to parenthood. It was during this time Steve thought there needs to be a simpler, less expensive, “first-step” treatment option before going straight to IUI or IVF (unless medically necessary).  Steve came up with the idea of an easy-to-use home conception aid, The Stork OTC.

The Stork OTC is a simple design that combines familiar aspects of products that many already use, tampons and condoms. The Conceptacle® is a condom with a cervical cap at the bottom used for collection purposes. The applicator holds the cervical cap with the sperm. The applicator is inserted just like a tampon and after pushing 2 buttons, delivers the cervical cap with the collected sperm to the outside of the cervix. The cervical cap stays at the opening of the cervix for up to 6 hours and is removed by pulling a tampon-like chord. This technique allows the sperm to bypass the environment of the vaginal tract and keeps it at the opening of the cervix. When natural intercourse isn’t working and holistic treatments aren’t getting you that BFP, bridge the gap with The Stork OTC.

The Stork OTC bridges the gap between natural intercourse and in-clinic, costly procedures.






Looking for a more affordable fertility option? Cervical cap insemination puts the sperm at the opening of the cervix, as close as possible, to swim up through to an egg, optimizing your chances of becoming pregnant. Learn more about The Stork OTC

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