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Male Infertility 101

There seems to be a misconception that infertility is always the result of a problem with the woman and her reproductive system. In reality, 1/3 of fertility struggles can be attributed to the woman, 1/3 [...]

Anatomy of a Sperm

Sperm are essential to the reproductive function. The purpose of the male reproductive system is threefold: to create, maintain, and deliver sperm and semen (the protective fluid); to discharge sperm; and to produce male hormones [...]

The state of fertility in 2018: Know your options

Millions of couples across the United States have struggled to conceive. In fact, about 12% of women have received infertility services in their lifetime, according to the CDC. Fortunately, the public perception of infertility has [...]

Taking Time Off from Trying to Conceive

Spending months or years trying to conceive can take a physical, mental, and certainly emotional toll on a person. With all that time dedicated to attempting to have a baby, are you focusing on you? [...]

Managing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

It is estimated that around 5 million women in the United States suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome every year. PCOS is caused by an imbalance of hormones and is the most common hormone abnormality in [...]

Tubal Infertility and Treatment Options

Approximately 10% of women in the United States, aged 15-44, will have trouble conceiving or staying pregnant, in their lifetime. Around 20-25% of those cases will result from tubal infertility. In some cases, tubal infertility [...]

Chemical Pregnancies

What Is a Chemical Pregnancy? After months of trying, counting the days, and endless doctor’s appointments, learning you’re pregnant can feel like a miracle. Sometimes, however, the pregnancy does not progress and a miscarriage occurs. [...]

Misconceptions About Miscarriages

Many people believe miscarriages are a tragedy that happens to others, but not them. However, when 10-15% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, it’s not exactly a rare occurrence. With so much misunderstanding surrounding miscarriages, these [...]

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