Mind Over Matter: Hypnosis and Fertility

There is mounting scientific evidence for the use of hypnotherapy in the treatment of conditions like acute and chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. But what about hypnosis and fertility ? Can hypnosis help you conceive? And just how does hypnosis work, anyway?

Mechanics of Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can have a real and measurable effect on the brain. In fact, the hypnotic state activates many areas of the brain related to imagination and mental imagery, but the area of the brain that places the individual’s conscious self into those mental scenes stays dormant. This allows the patient to contemplate or even act on suggestions without the conscious blocks normally help us monitor and control our own behavior.

Hypnotherapy begins by placing the patient in a very relaxed state, with a calm voice speaking in a soothing rhythm while safe in a comfortable environment free from distractions. Sound like a perfect combination for relieving stress? Unsurprisingly, hypnosis is recognized as a reliable way to fight the effects of both stress and anxiety.

Hypnosis and Fertility

While there are recognizable benefits to hypnosis in medicine, the benefits of hypnotherapy for fertility are unclear. The effects of hypnosis in other care areas including pain management and mental health have been studied more thoroughly, but there are some promising findings relating hypnosis and fertility.

The effects of stress on fertility cannot be underestimated, so if hypnosis does nothing else but lower stress and anxiety, it could have a real impact on your ability to conceive. In combination with other therapies, hypnosis can also help eliminate unhealthy behaviors like smoking and drinking, which can have a negative effect on your fertility.

Finally, for those undergoing in vitro fertilization treatments, there is evidence that hypnotherapy can be a real boost for IVF. In one study, implantation and clinical rates were nearly double for couples who underwent hypnosis over the control group.

Ultimately, the exact effects of hypnosis on fertility are still unclear - we can’t clearly say why it boosts fertility. But hypnotherapy is both safe and relatively inexpensive, and it may have benefits worth taking advantage of, especially if you are undergoing IVF. Talk to your doctor if you’d like to know more about your treatment options.


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