Infertility Awareness Week: Facts & Figures

From April 22nd to April 28th this year, we are spreading awareness for a condition that affects many couples around the globe. National Infertility Awareness Week aims to #FlipTheScript when it comes to talking about infertility. Together, we can change the conversation surrounding infertility and the way it affects families on a daily basis.


Defining Infertility

Infertility is defined as “the inability of a sexually active, non-contracepting couple to achieve pregnancy in one year.” This time frame can change depending on age. For example, women experience a severe drop in fertility after age 35. Women 35 and over are encouraged to consult their doctor as soon as they begin trying to conceive.

Infertility isn’t just an inconvenience or a lack of effort. It’s a real disease of the reproductive system that can stem from any number of other problems and issues.


Who is Affected?

Infertility doesn’t discriminate against anyone. About 10% of women in the United States aged 15-44 experience infertility and male infertility is the culprit in nearly 30% of the cases of infertility in the United States.


What Causes It?

The causes of infertility can be broken down into two categories: male infertility and female infertility. Male infertility mainly focuses on the sperm with problems like abnormal sperm function or structure, impaired delivery of sperm, and damage related to cancer or its treatments. Female infertility can be caused by conditions like ovulation defects, abnormalities in the ovaries, uterus, or cervix, and more serious conditions like endometriosis.

Female infertility could also be the result of a woman’s weight being too high or too low. It’s possible to reverse infertility by achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.


How Can I Help?

You have already taken the first step by educating yourself about infertility. It’s possible to change the stigma surrounding infertility by learning more about it and passing your knowledge along to others. Read more about what you can do to help raise awareness for something that affects millions of people daily here.


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