Holiday TTC Gift Guide

The holidays are here (again). Though this is meant to be a joyful time, couples who are trying to conceive may not be in the celebratory mood. A little love goes a long way for your friend who is struggling with infertility. Read on for our roundup of our TTC gift guide with the top gifts ideas that any couple who is TTC will adore.


A Visa gift card

We said it last year and we’ll say it again in this year's TTC gift guide : infertility can be expensive. Whether your friend could use a night out with her partner or a little extra to go toward fertility treatments, a gift card loaded with cash will mean a lot.

An IVF journal

In vitro fertilization (IVF) can be a long and emotional experience. What better way to show your support than with a journal your friend can use to track her IVF treatments and process her emotions? This adorable fertility journal will feel good to give (and get).

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A cute bag for when IVF is calling

Work, life, and IVF have your friend running all over town. Help her keep her fertility medications (and everything else she needs) in order. This cotton IVF To Go bag is both useful and cutesy, the perfect light-hearted gift that says “I got you!”

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A Circle + Bloom meditation program

Circle + Bloom, a company that brings meditation to people who need it, is a great place to look for a gift for your friend struggling with infertility. Meditation has so many great health benefits and can help boost fertility. Whether your friend is going through IVF, a frozen embryo transfer, or a natural cycle, Circle + Bloom has a meditation program for her situation. There’s even one for men! You can’t go wrong with this gift on our TTC Gift guide. 

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Bath salts to soak away her worries

TTC is stressful. Treat her to a bit of self-care by gifting these Pinot Noir infused bath salts. They’re the perfect holiday gift for the woman who loves wine but can’t drink it while she tries to get pregnant.

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A Box Fox gift box

One thing all women who are dealing with infertility tend to agree on is that they are not just their journey to pregnancy. They are wives and friends and sisters and people with careers and hobbies. Honor her wholeness by treating her to a customizable gift box from Box Fox.

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Massages for the couple who is TTC

When the stress of infertility is on, many couples find themselves drifting apart. Help them reconnect by splurging on a couples massage at a fancy spa. Even just an hour can help them relax and remember why they wanted to have a baby together in the first place.


A week of meals, delivered

Unless your pal finds her zen in the kitchen, it’s highly likely that the last thing she feels like doing after a long day is whipping up a nutritious, fertility-friendly meal. Treat her to a week (or more, if you can afford it) of easy meals, delivered by a popular service like Green Chef

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The Stork OTC 

Last but certainly not least, consider gifting them the Stork OTC. This device allows them to try and conceive at home, with cervical cap insemination having up to a 20% success rate. It’s more convenient and less invasive than traditional fertility treatment options. This gift could even get a baby named after you.

There you have it, our holiday TTC gift guide for 2017! No matter what you decide to get for this couple, remember that fertility is a personal experience. Give your gift in private (instead of at a party surrounded by people) or allow them to open it when they are alone. While they will surely appreciate what you got them, it’s best to let them keep their experience as private as they want it to be. Remember, the best gift you can give during the holidays and throughout your friend’s fertility journey is the gift of your support.


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