How to Field Questions About Your Fertility

It started with questions like, “When will you get a boyfriend?” and “When will you just settle down?” Then, it turned into, “When do you plan on getting married?” Now, the questions have become a bit more invasive, “When will you just have kids already?” These questions are, at best, annoying and at worst, uncomfortable and embarrassing to answer.

For those struggling with infertility, it can be difficult to talk about it with people who aren’t intimately familiar with the situation.

Decide Ahead of Time How Much to Divulge
Having a plan before going into any social situation can help prepare you for the questions you might get about your fertility. Sit down with your partner and discuss what information you’re comfortable with people knowing. Determining ahead of time what you’re willing to tell people can cut down on the stress of having to decide “on the spot” how to respond to certain questions.

Know You Don’t Have to Tell Anyone Anything
No matter how close they are to you, they aren’t entitled to private information about your body and your health. If you’d rather keep the status of your fertility between you and your partner, you can! Don’t feel guilty for not sharing this knowledge even with your family members.

Be Ready to Educate
When you begin answering questions about your fertility, nosier folks will certainly begin to pry even further. If you’d like to, you can impart some of the knowledge you’ve picked up during your journey with fertility. Arming others with more knowledge about fertility could help keep them from invading another couple’s privacy. Our guide can help you with the basics and the most frequently asked questions about fertility.

Be Upfront
You don’t have to wait for people to ask you questions - you can sit your friends, family, and kids down and give them the information before they even have the chance. Let them know what you’re comfortable sharing, what questions you’re okay with them asking, and when you plan on giving them updates. This cuts all of the stress out in one quick sweep and lets people know that you’re in charge of the situation, not them.

Facing a deluge of questions about your fertility when you’re already dealing with the stress of infertility on your own can be especially taxing. What techniques do you use to combat the incessant questions from friends, family, and even strangers?

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