Fertility Friendly Products

How using ovulation tests and fertility friendly lubricants can bring you to the next level when TTC.

Trying to get pregnant can be an exciting time - but if it’s not happening for you, it can also be stressful. There’s so much to know and understand about having a baby and fertility in general. You might hear about special foods to eat, apps to use, or questions to ask your doctor. (And for good reason - each of these things can play a big role in trying to conceive!) Fortunately, today’s technology has created products to help conceive that may take away some of the stress of baby-making. Here’s how:

Make Tracking Ovulation Easier with Ovulation Test Kits

While you can certainly track ovulation yourself, it can be challenging to understand the methods recommended for doing so. For example, tracking basal body temperature or cervical mucus can take a few cycles to truly “get” - and even once you do, it is helpful to have confirmation. That’s where ovulation test s come in.

These tests work similarly to a “pee-on-a-stick” pregnancy test, giving a “positive” result when a woman’s luteinizing hormones have risen. It’s a sign that a woman will begin ovulating in a day or two - plenty of time to shake the sheets.

The best part about ovulation test s is that they can work alongside other methods of tracking ovulation. If you’re going all-natural with cervical mucus tracking, these tests can be a great way to confirm your suspicions. If you’re using an app, an ovulation test gives you peace of mind - a way to know that yes, your app is tracking your cycle accurately.

First Response® Ovulation Tests even come with two options to purchase, allowing women to test their ovulation, then confirm with an easy-to-read digital test. By packaging the two together, women can be even more sure that they’re ovulating and thus, more likely to conceive.

Fertility-Friendly Lubricants & You

We’ve discussed before how bad most off-the-shelf lubricants can be for fertility - many of them can actually prevent sperm from effectively swimming through the cervix to reach a woman’s egg. One class of lubricants, however, can actually help conception by making the process much smoother without harming sperm in the process: Fertility-friendly lubricants.

While there are limited options available for couples trying to conceive, Pre-seed® Fertility Friendly Lubricant is the only fertility-friendly lubricant clinically shown to be fertility friendly. It works by mimicking fertile fluids, allowing couples to use lubricant without worrying about its effect on sperm.

Using Products for Pregnancy

We know - there’s so much more to fertility and becoming pregnant than you might want to think about at any one time. But when it comes to steps to take when trying to get pregnant, using products to assist you in your journey may actually help - and give you peace of mind.

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