Don’t Sacrifice the Romance – How Cervical Cap Insemination Can Help!

When couples first come to terms with infertility or subfertility, even the sheer thought of seeking help can zap the romance right out of trying for a baby. And since there are so many places to start, it can quickly become even less romantic once these couples start to research their options. Because there are a plethora of fertility treatments to fit a couple’s budget, lifestyle, and comfort level, the choices can be overwhelming - and can often carry negative associations.

When it comes to fertility options, two of the most popular solutions include medications and artificial insemination (AI). This latter procedure in particular can feel incredibly clinical, and might conjure up images of doctor’s visits and cold exam rooms. However, while there are certain forms of AI that do require a visit to the clinic in order to inject a semen specimen into the woman’s reproductive system, not all insemination techniques require this level of medical assistance. In fact, some types of procedures can be done right at home!

What is the Deal with Home Insemination?

Home insemination is a DIY style of fertility treatment. It is increasingly growing in popularity, particularly since it offers couples a way to reduce stress and personalize their experience. Home insemination is a great option for couples who are just starting to explore fertility assistance, as well as for those who are not quite ready to put efforts into costly medical treatments. It can also be a way to potentially salvage any romance that comes with conceiving.

One such method of at-home insemination is cervical cap insemination which has been in use since the 1970’s and is the technique utilized by the Stork OTC. The Stork conception aid combines the efficacy of clinical insemination with the comfort of natural intercourse.

What is the Benefit of the Stork OTC?

One of the largest benefits of the Stork OTC is that it can utilize intercourse to collect the sperm sample for insemination. A little-known fact about AI? According to several studies, the sperm quality collected from intercourse is superior to the quality of sperm collected from masturbation. The volume of semen tends to be higher, and the sperm’s motility is also better.

This is great news for couples who use the Stork OTC, particularly since our own most recent study determined that our device delivers sperm concentration to the cervix at 3x higher of a rate than natural intercourse.

All in all, just because a couple has to deal with subfertility, does not mean they have to sacrifice the comfort and enjoyment of getting pregnant. We believe that the Stork OTC can restore some of the romance and freedom involved in conceiving.