Conceptionmoon: The Baby-making Vacation

Certainly, you have heard of newlyweds getting away for their honeymoons, or even parents-to-be heading off to their last “room for two”, also known as a “babymoon”, but have you heard of a “ conceptionmoon ”?

Conceptionmoons are becoming quite popular for couples. The time away allows them to leave the stress of their daily lives behind to focus on themselves, with the added bonus of activities meant to conceive new life (“wink-wink”).

 The logic behind a stress-free conceptionmoon

Couples who conceive on these vacations usually tribute their success to an experience of reduced stress, relaxation and having more opportunities for intimacy. The concept seems to make sense, but is there any evidence that this strategy works?

The effects of stress on fertility for men and women is not precise, however, several studies conducted show there is a connection between chronic stress and decreased fertility. Fertility specialists say that higher levels of stress can skew reproductive hormones, which can lead to fertility issues.

In order to avoid and reduce stress on a conceptionmoon, go somewhere that is conducive to relaxation for both you and your partner.

If you both like exploring different parts of the world and maybe are a little superstitious, there are alternative sights around the world that have long been known for their “powers” that could “grant” your pregnancy wishes.

Conceptionmoons will require extra planning in addition to choosing the destination and activities during your “get-away”. Timing a conceptionmoon around the female partner’s ovulation date is arguably the most important factor of the trip. Ovulation is the time in a woman’s cycle when she is most fertile and, therefore, is the best time for the couple to try to conceive. Planning ahead by making sure the female partner will be ovulating while on the trip, is the key to having a successful “get-away”.

Tip: It may be easy to get caught up in “getting the job done” this can cause some unnecessary stress that could undermine your conception efforts. You shouldn’t feel pressured to be “busy” for the whole trip. Try to focus on one another, connect and relax. If you’re thinking about planning a conceptionmoon, consider taking The Stork OTC with you to optimize your chances of conceiving and make “trying” less “trying”.  Click the following link to learn where to buy The Stork OTC.