6 Way The Stork OTC Can Help You TTC

Successfully conceiving can take time - and sometimes, a little help. This is especially true if you find that you’re dealing with one or more common fertility factors, including slow-moving sperm, low sperm counts, or even unfavorable vaginal environments that make it difficult for sperm to navigate their way through the womb, past the cervix and to their final destination: the fallopian tubes. But it doesn’t just take help to overcome these types of hurdles: it takes the right kind of help.

We’ve heard far too many tales about shoddy products or uncomfortable post-intercourse positions that were supposed to help couples. In many cases, these things would try to “trap” sperm. Most of these aids didn’t address the real issue behind a couple’s conception delays. Fortunately, these days there are better, more effective tools available to couples that need a little fertility-related help. One of these tools is The Stork OTC.

About The Stork OTC

What makes The Stork OTC so special? For starters, it’s is the first-ever home-use conception-assistance device to receive FDA over-the-counter clearance. The device is designed to help a woman get pregnant via an insemination method known as cervical cap insemination. Though cervical cap insemination has been around and has been used within the medical community since the 1950s, cervical caps have historically been available only by prescription - and have traditionally been difficult to use.

Unlike these past iterations of cervical cap aids, The Stork OTC is designed for ease of use and specifically to be used within the comforts of home without a doctor’s help. This allows the Stork OTC to help people with common fertility difficulties.

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Why Choose The Stork OTC?

There are seven big reasons to consider using The Stork OTC if you think it’s time to step up your conception efforts:

  • It’s designed for ease of use.

    The Stork OTC does not require the same work or hassle as other fertility treatment options, aids or methods. Just compare the procedure for using The Stork OTC to that of what’s commonly referred to as “the turkey baster method”. It quickly becomes clear which method and aid is easier (and less messy) to use!

  • It’s affordable.

    A single over the counter Stork OTC device costs $59.99, making The Stork OTC a cost-effective option for those who aren't quite ready to progress to fertility treatments like IUI and/or IVF. (Since each device can only be used once, however, we definitely recommend combining your use of The Stork OTC with some sort of fertility tracking method, to ensure that you use your device at the right time!)

  • The Stork OTC addresses common fertility issues.

    While some fertility issues do ultimately require a medicinal intervention, couples dealing with subfertility, in particular, might benefit from The Stork OTC. The device is designed to help couples overcome the hurdles of common fertility and subfertility issues, including:

    • Low sperm count
    • Poor sperm motility
    • Unfavorable vaginal environments that prevent both healthy and unhealthy sperm from successfully reaching and fertilizing an egg.
  • It keeps things intimate.

    The Stork OTC is designed for use in the privacy of your own home. This allows a couple to continue to work together on starting their family, instead of forcing them to work within a “clinical” doctor’s office. We’ve found that giving couples the ability to continue to try to conceive at home creates a sense of comfort and might reduce stress levels in many couples.

  • It requires less invasive measures and intervention than many other fertility aids.

    Many insemination techniques require that sperm be inserted directly into a woman's cervix, fallopian tubes or even uterus. This means that in many cases, fertility-related procedures will be more invasive than some couples would prefer. The Stork OTC gives couples a possible conception tool that could work in a less invasive manner.

  • It can benefit couples who are not looking to conceive via intercourse.

    It’s 2018 - we know that not every couple will be able to conceive via intercourse. The Stork OTC is an option for all kinds of modern families-to-be.  It actually gives couples (or single moms) the opportunity to try to conceive a child, without undergoing an expensive or invasive procedure in a clinic.

Where To Find The Stork OTC

If you are currently looking into ways to enhance your efforts to start a family, The Stork OTC may be just the tool you’re looking for. The Stork OTC is currently available over the counter in select major drugstores and pharmacies - we invite you to purchase one and to see if it can help you.

Struggling to get pregnant naturally? Try the Stork OTC, the only contraception aid cleared by the FDA for home use. No shots required. Find out where you can buy the Stork OTC